Friday, April 3, 2009

On Playing Until I Get Well:

Okay, so I loose my mind when I’m sick. I started crafting projects after I made my moratorium on starting any new ones until I got the old ones finished off.

I know why I do this. I’m not on top of my game, and I don’t want to mess up the projects that I had been working so hard on. And being a person that needs to have her hands busy all the time, I start new projects.

So, Now my basket/list of undone projects have more instead of less this week. This I did in between napping all day and using an insane amount of tissues.

After realizing what I was doing. (This came about as I ripped all the stitches, for a third time, from a miss-started new knitting project.) I gave it up as a lost cause and moved onto playing old video games on my game cube. (Okay, so I had to dust it off first. What else can you do when you can‘t even knit right.)

Yes, I still have an old game cube and wish that Nintendo still made games for it. I really liked some of the games you could only get for the game cube system. (Pickmin can still keep me entertained for hours. And I‘m still looking for a used Pickmin 2 to add to my collection of games.)

I’ll probably never get a Wii. I can’t even think of that expense right now. So I dream of used games for my purple cube.

Thank you for the ‘Get Well’ wishes. Better days will come again, I’m sure. My working mind will return someday, maybe when my nose dries up, and as I wait for it, I’ll go back to playing and napping all day.



You have been ill so much! Poor thing. Have any absinthe in one of your bottles? Rest and games sounds like just the ticket.

Thank you for the comments on my other blog. I don't have it set up to get comments sent to my email (and can't figger out how to do it!)

I do try to include some funereal scenes for you. And for me.

Mouse said...

Have you tried Ebay? I have an old Sega GameGear and there are tons of games on EBay for it.. I'm thinking of getting some for my son.