Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Cactus Babies:

I have mentioned before that I have house plants. I’ve talked about my carnivorous plants a few times. But my cactus plants, not so much. What can you say about a slow growing plant that doesn‘t eat things?

The only reason I’m talking about them now is because this year is the first time I’ve started a few from seed.

I picked up a mixed cactus seed packet back in the first week of March. On March 29, I planted four seeds, each in their own small pot. Three days later Mortimer showed his face. Two weeks later when there had been no movement in the other pots, I reseeded those pots. Four days after that, Spike showed up.

There is also the added excitement of being in for a surprise in finding out just which kind of cactus they will turn out to be.

Well, being a caring plant momma, I placed them lovingly on the window sill every day rain or shine. I gave them sprits of water from my spray bottle when they were dry for long enough. And I am writing about them today because yesterday Mortimer sprouted six teeny tiny spines. My baby cactus is growing up to a toddler and so fast too. I’m so proud.

I will miss them while I’m gone. I love watching things evolve and grow.

I can’t wait until they are big enough to identify just what kind of cactus they are of the nine varieties listed on the seed packet. Saguaro, Hedgehog, Fishhook Barrel, Dollar Prickly Pear, Desert Prickly Pear, Christmas Cholla, Cane Cholla, Santa Rita Pear or Cardo’n. I’d be happy with any of these. Time will tell.

Tomorrow I’ll be off on my trip to Boston. So I’ll make my weekly Sunday update of my weight loss today. Five pound total loss so far, 190 lb. I am almost back into my fat sized black jeans. I can button them, but the zipper is under strain. I am proud of this because I remember the day I tried them on before I started this weight loss contest of Woolen Rabbit’s and the jeans wouldn’t go all the way up my fat thighs much less my posterior.

I hope to maintain my weight during my visit to my daughter’s place. My soon to be son-in-law is a really good cook. So all bets are off to actually loosing this next week. I’ll just have to do a lot of cemetery walking.

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Mouse said...

Have a wonderful time on your trip! I hope Mtn. Man takes good care of your baby cactus while you are gone.