Monday, April 20, 2009

On Blessed Rain:

It is raining today. It was supposed to start yesterday afternoon. I planned the day to do a little work in the labyrinth in the morning and make lace in the afternoon.

There isn’t a part of me that doesn’t ache when I move this way or that because I am sun burnt and work weary. I kept waiting for the rain to come and kept on working. I want the labyrinth done to just enjoy again.

I was hauling stones in my ‘not so little’ yellow garden wagon, for replacing the cracked or smaller stones that waited for removal low these many years.

(When we laid the labyrinth out, we used wood from the wood pile and replaced them with any stones we could find that were the size of my fist to the size of a loaf of bread or there about. We hauled them out of the woods and fields around our place when we found them. As time moves on we find better stones to replace the smaller stones. But as all large outdoor projects go, we are still fixing and replacing.)

(Mountain Man still has to replace some of the larger outer ring with the help of the tractor, like he did with the others there.)

I was using a pry bar to unearth the stones that sunk down. (The rodents burrow under the stones in the winter and in the spring the stones fall over or sink into the void left by the varmints.) And I was using a shovel and ho to move the soil back in place under the stones after I pried them up. In the three years since the last time I did an over haul of this rodent movement, there are a lot of stones to fix.

I did find some new friends in the labyrinth. A toad that is calling one corner space home. There were others like newts and bugs, but they didn’t wait around until I could get the camera and take their pictures.

A flower that a rodent moved the bulb from by my kitchen door and into the labyrinth and I will move it back again after it is done blooming.

I walked it twice yesterday. I couldn’t resist. I do love that space and the peace I find there.

Today I’ll sit and make some lace while it rains outside.


rabbitIng said...

How lovely! And how cool to have a meditation labyrinth. I walked one once at a spa out in Singapore, and it was so-o-o healing.


Looks like you all will have rain much of the day. Much time for lacemaking.

The labyrinth is wonderful.

Rachel May said...

you have a labyrinth? that is the coolest thing ever!