Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Duck, Duck, Goose:

After a few extra trips back to the Geek Doctors for adjustments, on things I couldn’t find the hidden screens for, to have those functions turned back on or re-routed around, Rupert the computer is in fine form. He is acting like he had just been away on vacation for the last week and a half and is showing off his new tan over rippling muscles and lost weight from having problem games removed. He is getting sideward glances from me at his arrogant demeanor, then I hug him or give him a pat on the head.

Gladys, the notebook/laptop, has gotten an upgrade of her own and has been wearing her new favor like a peacock. I thought that maybe a new jealousy might be in the offing between them, but to my surprise, they are now all the more in love. Rupert helps Gladys with the heavy lifting and she has taken the burden of story writing from him, leaving him to the blogging, games, pictures and music.

Clayton, Mountain Man’s older computer, has had a few small up grades himself as Lady Euphoria pampered him a bit while waiting for Rupert’s return. He is thankful, but wants a rest from the near constant pounding of his keys while being shared for so many days.

As peace and tranquility of computers lay kindly over the home of Lady Deathwatch, she is frantically trying to catch up on other things like house work and laundry, feeling goosed by the whole process of computer needs. While Mountain Man grumbles in the corner, as he works on their taxes.

I will now spend a few hours each day trying to catch up on all the emails, blogs, stories and other internet friend stuff that await me in cyberspace.

Here are some pictures of the ducks on my pond that I took, but couldn’t show you last week, with the new camera’s distance capabilities. I didn’t have to doctor or play with the pictures after I took them at all.



Very glad to hear about all the computers!

Rebecca Nazar said...

I've seen more ducks around here too. A great blue heron flew over my house the other day. Now I await the loons.

BlackCrow said...

wow you have a pond and with Mallards!! That is so cool!!
What a beautiful colors he has.
The female looks so like our Tasmanian brown ducks!
Are they wild or do you keep these for eggs....see city girl that I am I don't know if these birds eggs can be eaten:)