Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Day Three, Boston:

Here are a few pictures from our first walk in the Forest Hills Cemetery. We came in through a side gate.

Here is the main gate. The not so small buildings built into each side are now rest rooms, woman’s on one side, men’s on the other.

The Receiving Tomb. This is just the large front of the place. The rest is under ground carved into the hill behind. It has skylights in the halls, so you can find the crypt of your loved one inside. They hold events under the large outer roof.

And here I am at one of the many gothic family crypts.

Yesterday I took advantage of staying at my daughters apartment and did some laundry in the morning. I also watched some movies and knitted.

When my daughter got home from work early in the afternoon, it was too hot to feel like site seeing, so we shopped the day away. (Air conditioning, don’t you know.) First stop was a yarn shop. Of course I bought some yarn. We hit places that sell crafts from around the world, and some organic grocery stores.

Today is supposed to be much cooler, we will hit some thrift shops in the afternoon. But in the morning it’s the train to the down town historic district. I can’t wait.


Mouse said...

Wow.. what a beautiful place! I need to get all dressed up one day and have hubby do some new photos of me in the graveyard.. the others are totally outdated (and not scanned into the computer)
Can't wait to see more of Boston 'with you'!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Great pictures. What a wonderful time you're having. The historic district is always fun. I haven't been in awhile. Eat all sorts of yummy stuff at Faneuil Hall for me, will ya?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!