Monday, April 13, 2009

On Silly Holiday the Thirteenth 04-13-09:

Dilly Spilly Day*

The town of Dilly Falls spent the last week getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year. Pillows were placed on every park bench. Soft stuffing was wrapped around every tree, light pole and fire hydrant. Everyone had their padding and crash helmets ready for the big day. Yes, Dilly Spilly Day was going to be a head over heals success.

There was raised seating erected at the place where the race would end and Martha Bickbutt loaned her rattan peacock fan chair with the fat cushion for the Queen of the Day’s throne, to be placed on the stage opposite the risers for her to over see the day’s events.

I should tell you that Dilly Falls didn’t have any waterfalls at all. In fact there wasn’t any moving water within city limits. For Dilly Falls was the place where Dilly Spilly Day was started long ago. Homer Houser started the holiday to honor Betty ‘Boom Boom’ Dilly and soon after the town’s name was changed to Dilly Falls. Boom Boom Day, as the holiday was first called, was held on the anniversary of Betty’s death each year there after.

Betty had been a nice little girl who did everything quite normally with the exception of walking. She walked backwards you see. She was called Boom Boom from the time she was a toddler and would bump into things and announce, to any one in hearing distance, that she had a Boom Boom on her bottom.

This was a cause of much merriment as she rarely ever got truly hurt. She didn’t seem to mind the laughter or to be able to walk in the normal way and the people of town just left her to her odd way of getting from place to place.

By the time she was a teen no one seemed to notice any longer, but shortly after she made her way backwards up the isle to marry Freddy Bumper and the whole town showed up. But Freddy didn’t arrive to marry her and… Well, the story made the newspapers of course.

This drew the attention of the people with that book of strange things people did. Betty Dilly was named as the person who walked backward the longest, unseating the holy man in India who had done his backward walking for only five years at that point. This made Betty Dilly the town’s only celebrity.

So the people of Dilly Falls had a day of walking backward on April thirteenth every year in her honor. Backward races were held throughout the day. A backwards queen was crowned. And there were tents of food with backward spoken names.

Strap on a pillow and come join us for a Dilly Spilly Day of backward nuf. (f-u-n)

*This is a totally fictional story by Lady Deathwatch.

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Mouse said...

Love it! I'm going to skip this one since I'm clumsy enough going 'front-ways' and straight ahead.. I fear that if I end up going backwards for a day that I would end up in the ER. lol.