Friday, April 10, 2009

On Blame It On the Restart Button:

I didn’t forget to sit down to post yesterday. I really didn’t. I woke up knowing what I wanted to say. I’m a creature of habit like we all tend to be.

My morning habit is to get up, do the bathroom stuff and get the blog written. I often put it on the timer to go out between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning, a difference of about a half an hour from the time I wrote it. And while it goes out into cyber space I’ve been peacefully doing my yoga.

When that is done, I wash up, dress for the day and read other peoples blogs and answer my emails while my hair dries and I eat my breakfast. (Yes, I know. Way, too much information.)

Yesterday, I didn’t get up at the usually time and decided to use the extra time to do some maintenance on the computer. Defrag and clean, you know the drill. And since this computer I’m currently using is so slow at its tasks I didn’t write the blog as I waited, I was hand writing a shopping list on a note pad.

And then there is this seizures business. I have had mild seizures since the cancer treatments. I am fortunate that the computer screen doesn’t set them off, but I can’t drive the car any more. If you were in the room you’d probably miss that I had one. I get a little spacey for a moment as my brain hits the restart button a few times a day.

Well, I had one, round about the time the computer finished and when I found myself sitting in my computer chair, I looked up at the clock, and thought, I must have done what I sat down there to do, so I then went off to do my morning yoga.

Only getting up this morning to repeat my daily process reminded me that I hadn’t, in fact, blogged yesterday. Not that you missed anything important. I didn’t find the answer to world peace or anything, but I did wonder at the lack of comments when I checked on the blog and my emails.

So the blog was lost in translation, or rebooting, or some such thing of my twisted brain. I’m going back to doing things the way I had been doing them, with no deviations in the future. I have to go with what works, to make it work, right?


Rebecca Nazar said...

Goodness, take care of yourself.

I hope you don't mind, but I bestowed upon you The Honest Scrap Award. Obviously, kindly disregard if you're not in the mood or have the time. But I felt your blog was well deserving. :-)

Mouse said...

Whew.. seriously I got worried about you yesterday! I'm glad to hear that you are ok.