Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Rocking and Rolling Along:

Busy week, Holidays and all that coming up. I’m still spring cleaning. No crafting projects to speak of. I’m trying to ignore the return of winter weather around here. And I’m trying to get some things done in the yard. With the weather it is taking longer then I hoped.

I have been doing some yard work out in the yard and other areas of the property. The ground heaves and moves in the winter freezes and thaws. Every year we find new rocks and stones coming out of the ground That have to be removed or marked before we start up the mower and do it damage. Then there are the other decorative edging rocks and stones that we find sinking down from the rodents undermining them, literally.

Can you see me out in the yard with a pick-ax like one of the dwarfs in Snow White? Pulling rocks and stones from the ground and adding them to Mountain Mans stash. Well, it really isn’t quite like that.

I have my own rocks and stones that I play with too. I really do. Mountain Man has his walls and towers of stone and I have a Meditation Labyrinth. It is in the medieval style and in need of repair after a long winter or two. (I haven’t worked in there like I should have in the last few years since the cancer. I just wasn’t up to it before now.) I posted a link on meditation labyrinths here. I will post pictures of mine when I can again, in the future.

Meditation Labyrinths are not the hedge path mazes you hear about. They are paths on the ground that you walk on. You walk around on the narrow twisting path into the center and back out again as you pray or think on how to improve your personal growth.

My Labyrinth is in a clearing in the oak grove west of the house. This requires two leaf cleanings a year. Oak trees hold onto half of their autumn leave until spring and then drop the rest. It takes me days just to clean out the fallen leaves and twigs from between all the rocks, marking the sides of the path, without disturbing them.

Next I have to unearth the rocks that have sunken into the ground more then I want them to. This I have to do with hundreds of rocks. I’ll go through a few pair of gardening gloves before I’m done and it is hard work, but I love it there.

I hope that you have an inspirational place of your own to go to also.

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