Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Winners and Losers:

The Epitaph Contest for this week has a winner. Jen is a baker by trade and came up with this week’s epitaph also.

To the few other epitaph entrants not chosen this week, your Epitaph will appear on the Epitaph of the week in the future and I will put your names back in the hat for the next Contest of the Week on 11 th through the 18 th. Better luck next time.

I am the grand looser this week. Not because I am sick. I’m getting better on that front. Not because I lost two pounds this past week. Who knew that coughing and blowing my nose was considered exercise. But because I am now using the computer named Clayton. He is the older, weaker, and the now owned by Mountain Man, computer.

Okay, so I name my computers. You do things like that too, you know you do.

Clayton is at least seven years old, has never been serviced and can’t run any of my newer games. He is slow but keeps on going. Clayton is an E machines with XP. He is the old faithful.

I got Rupert a little over a year ago. We have a love hate relationship. Rupert is a Gateway and he has Vista. I have had to learn to live with that. (Side note: I am still trying to unlearn all the nasty words I leaned as we got to know one another.) I have also had to learn to baby Rupert. Rupert has gotten great care, service and maintenance.

Rupert is headed for computer intensive care, later on today, to see if they can revive him.

Yesterday, while I was trying to check and see if any other epitaphs came in for the contest last minute, Rupert crashed and burned as I watched and franticly hit buttons, keys and finally pulled his plug.

Gladys, my notebook/laptop, is beside herself. She never did have any power to speak of and fancied Rupert her hero/ boyfriend. She is in a bad mood and won’t play nice even though I have never taken her anywhere near the big bad internet and its virus germs.

Until Rupert is pronounced well or dead and replaced (And that may take some time. I‘m not made of money.) I will be unable to have pictures on my blog. Clayton is just too slow.


Judith said...

I love your you've named (and anthropomorphized) your computers! I'm working with Vista at both of my jobs. There's supposed to be a way to disable all of the little "Are you sure?" pop-ups, but I don't know what it is. I hate Vista!

Severina said...

Glad to see you're feeling better, madame!

Vista has to be the most horrible scourge inflicted on mankind and I'm a longtime Windows user! We have it loaded at work and yes, my boss and I have added quite a few words to our vocabulary.

Nice to know I'm not the only woman around here who primarily uses her computers for gaming. I have an ancient laptop loaded with Win 98 just for all my older games.