Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Day Two, Boston: Part Two:

First off, before I got out the door this morning, I was totally distracted by Darkmatter.

His blog
, which I follow, had a link today to YouTube for Jeff Wayne’s Musical War of the Worlds. And being that I am at my daughter’s house where I can get high speed to watch it, all plans were off until I’d seen it a few times in a row.

This was something I didn’t hope to ever find, so I didn’t even think to look for it. Thank you so much Darkmatter!

One of my favorite songs is ‘Forever Autumn’ and it is from this movie. I am a major fan of Moody Blues and Justin Hayward is in this adaptation stage viewing of this movie. And you know that I’m an old, black and white movie, horror and Si-Fi fan as well. I also love the original Orson Wells ‘War of the Worlds’ from the radio. I am a Jersey Girl, growing up just across the river from New York City and a stones throw from Jersey City.

There is also family history attached to this for me. My late ex-mother-in-law lived through the original War of the Worlds on the radio in Jersey City where the martins were supposed to have landed in the piece.

She and her older brother got to listen to the radio as a treat before bed that night. But, they spent the night alone and afraid after listening to the first radio playing of ‘War of the Worlds’ while their parents were out at a business dinner. They hid behind the coal stove all night thinking that their parents were dead, until their parents could make their way home through the panic in the streets.

It is one thing to hear about the panic that followed the original broadcasting of the War of the World in a history book or TV show about the history of legal disclaimers or radio in general, but quite another to see the panic still in the eyes of someone who lived through it many years before.

Enjoy the link. If you are into writing, stop action animation, or dark bloggers, Hang out with Darkmatters for a while. It’s an interesting blog.

Woo whoo! My daughter found me an adapter for my memory card to download my photos. I promise you pictures tomorrow. Its too hot to work on them already today. I’ll have to wait until the day cools off some later.

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