Sunday, April 19, 2009

On The Black Holes in Life:

First Black Hole, sort of:

A little bit of pretty black holes in my lace. I put it aside, for the holidays, two weeks ago. I pulled it out this morning to try to finish it, maybe even today.

It is called Crown and Triangle. The pattern is from ‘Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking’ by Doris Southard from Dover Press. I have often suggested this book as a good first one to start learning bobbin lacemaking with.

On to other black subjects:
I had been doing well in my weight loss. Really I had been. But what do I do about the black hole days of having a migraine.

Some people can’t eat a thing when they have a migraine headache. Its a stomach thing that comes to most migraine sufferers. But my coping with that stomach upset… is to eat. I eat crackers constantly when I have a migraine. I can consume boxes of them in a day. I’ll do just about anything ‘not’ to throw up you see.

So the nice two and a half pound weight loss of the last six days was erased by yesterdays headache, while I lay in bed munching crackers so I did not get sick.

Next subject in black:
Although I am not going into space, I am going to visit my daughter in Boston from April 26 thru May 3. I don’t travel well, so it feels like a black hole to me as I try not to be sick in the car for all those hours. Six and a half hours, drive time, each way.

The Princess Daughter is graduating as a Pediatric Nurse Practioner that week and I couldn‘t be prouder. We will be eyeball deep in wedding prep stuff most of the time I am there. But I will get to see some historic cemeteries, one walking distance from her place. I hope to bring back pictures. Also I will try not to miss a day blogging, but time will tell.

Black again:
The Epitaph Contest hit its own black hole of sorts. First with the lack of Rupert to assist and now with my up coming trip to Boston for a week. I will not be home with Rupert or the prize to send it out on the last week of the month so it will have to wait also.

I’ll be coming home on Sunday, May third, so I should start the contest again on Monday May fourth.

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Mouse said...

I hope you'll be able to blog but if not.. have a great trip! I can't wait to hear all about your Boston adventures-- there are some beautiful graveyards up there in New England.