Saturday, May 2, 2009

On A Little Miss Directed:

The best laid plans and all that.

On May first I didn’t blog because everything was crazy around here with running around, getting ready, and people arriving for the two days of graduation. I even managed to get myself lost a time or two for short lengths of time. Her father and grandfather came from out of state and her uncle who lives closer, all were there for her big day.

My daughter was a recipient of an award and was hooded on Thursday at the convocation and she got her degree on Friday at the graduation ceremony. Once the state test for her licensing is done she will be a fully fledged Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She has been an RN for a while now. I’m proud enough to pop my buttons.

There have been dinners and parties. Too much food and not enough time. Places to go and people to see.

In between graduation stuff, shopping was good. We went to a few thrift shops (One of my favorite places to go no matter where I am is a thrift shop.) and I picked up some clothing, music and other goodies. So much for coming home lighter then I left. Even my luggage is heavier. But despite the wealth of food choices I was good with my diet. I may not have lost weight but I didn’t gain because my clothing didn’t get any tighter.

I also got this blog today out late because we got home so late last night after wonderful dinner party at my daughter’s uncle’s house. The dog was sick and I had packing to do.

I did not get to my friend house today because I missed the window of opportunity before my daughter had to be elsewhere. That will be left to fit in between leaving Boston and meeting up with Mountain Man in the afternoon for the long ride home.

Plans met or not, I am still having a good time, but I am longing to be home at my quiet country life again.

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Rebecca Nazar said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Quite an impressive feat. I love thrift shops, antique places even better. What a fantastic trip. Safe journey on your way home.