Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Part 2 of the Day:

I was looking at the blogs I follow and came upon Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog from yesterday.

If you know me, you know that I wish that life was like a musical and so does Aunt Purl.

Hop (with the link) on over and give a look see to what a friend showed her on YouTube. It made me cry tears of pure joy. (She said, as she opened up yet another box of tissues.) It was well worth the time it took to get it to load with my very slow dial up service. Happy Spring!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw that (like two seconds ago) on Aunt Purl's. My sister in law had sent that to me a week or two ago and just about cried. And I watched it over and over and over again. Just thinking about it gives me this thrill of pure bliss and shivers. So much frickin fun. Maybe we should stage our own.:)