Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Alone Time:

Wisteria with only a few blossoms left.

There is a difference in living with someone when no one works at a job away from the house. Retired people know what I mean, as do those that work together at a family business.

Mountain Man is going off on his own today. I’ll have the house to myself. Just me and the dogs until suppertime. He has his things to do with a group from his church and I have the day to myself.

We usually hang out together. Not that we live in each others pockets. We are each busy doing our own thing, but mostly within shouting distance. I don’t drive since the seizures, so I generally don’t go anywhere off the property without him either.

Don’t get me wrong. We can spend days hardly seeing each other. He’ll be out in the woods taking down trees for the wood pile and I’ll be in the house making lace or crafting. Or I’ll be out walking the woods and bird watching and he’ll be at the house fixing the car or a fence. We get plenty of alone time.

But there is a difference in time alone and having an uninterrupted hunk of time. You plan it different. You tackle projects with a hunker down mentality. That ‘now I can really get into this’ philosophy. No one to interrupt with a ‘Can you help me with this?’ or ‘Do you have to do that there? I need that space to make lunch now.’ You don’t have to plan a meal with anyone else’s tastes in mind either, a have it your way day.

I am Queen of the day today. The question is, Will I get anything done or just sit back and enjoy it?


rabbitIng said...

Having followed your blog for some time now, I feel I can say with some confidence you will find something good to complete! ;) best knitwishes

Mouse said...

I totally understand about the way you and Mtn. Man are.. my husband and I are the same way. He has his own office (supposed to be the dining room) which is just on the other side of the kitchen. He has his tv and computer in there but we go in and eat dinner every day there with him. I sometimes sit and watch tv on his floor while he works and sometimes we watch movies in the living room. We're "together" most of the day but we probably don't talk much more than people who keep regular 9-5 work hours.