Saturday, May 9, 2009

On Knitting, But Not Getting There So Fast:

Or, I re-discovered I need to loose weight:

I had to restart my sweater. It is done in cotton, which doesn’t have the stretch of other yarns. And I was in such a hurry to get started that I forgot to cast on with larger needles than I was knitting the rest of it with.

I went to try it on to see if my decreases were landing in the right places and all but the cast on row fit.

I love working with this yarn so I’m still having fun, but I also want to have the finished sweater by my daughter’s wedding.

This slightly form fitting sweater is a challenge for me. The pattern is easy and written well. The yarn feels good in my hands. The only reason is the fact that I’m short and fat.

I need to reduce 15 inches to 12 for the length from the hem to the arm hole. I’m short waisted.

My hips are larger then my shoulders and ample bust so I have to start at a much larger size and work my way twice as fast down to the size I need for the bust, so I don’t get lost in the thing.

I fell in love with this slightly form fitting pattern in the first place, because
I need to show the fact I do have a waist or I look like a potato dressed for the circus.

After much mathematics for my shorter row count, all seems to be getting in order. The arm holes will land in the right place. Me and my double D’s will be able to breath with ease and you will be able to see that I have a waist without looking like I‘m a sack of rocks tied in the middle.

Now, all I have left to do is adjust the pattern make my fat 15 1/ 2 inch arms fit in the sleeves. Yes, you heard it here. The woman has upper arms the size of most men’s shirt necks.

I’m going to enjoy re-knitting this sweater in a year or two when I lose more of this extra weight. But for now I’m going with what I got, because I’m determined to wear it to my daughters wedding in August.

And for now I'm avoiding mirrors.


Mouse said...

All of that figuring is why I'm not so keen on knitting sweaters! I have a few patterns that I bought (usually cardigan style) but I still haven't made them. Good luck on your wedding sweater! (I can't even THINK about wearing a sweater down here in August.. its the hottest time of the year!)

rabbitIng said...

It sounds as though you are doing really well. The yarn looks lovely, can't wait to see the finished article!