Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Spring is Upon Me:

My spring allergies have kicked in and are kicking my butt. Or I should say my head.

I have the whole gambit of symptoms and my head was sooo heavy I didn’t feel like I could lift it off the pillow this morning.

I feel a bit better after I took my medication. And boxes of tissues are at hand. Ah Spring… Ahchoooo Spring!


On the Friday before I left Boston I finally got into the cemetery when the office was open. I was allowed to take all the pictures I wanted, but I couldn’t and can not publish the names on them without the written permission of the family members of the deceased.

So here are some pictures that I can publish. More to come after I blur out the names on them.

Two overviews.

Babies small headstone.

Life sized woman atop grave marker.


Mouse said...

Beautiful! I'm sorry your allergies are being evil.. I've currently got a cold that is kicking my butt (er, chest? Lungs?) to the point that I've had to resort to over the counter cold medicine just to get some relief.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Sorry about the sniffles. I suffer from seasonal allergies too. At least the medicines now don't make you groggy.

Chin up. Gardening season is here. Whoot!