Thursday, May 28, 2009

On While I Search for New Glasses:

I ordered a pair of computer bifocals in a modern frame at the eye doctors to hold me over and give me more time to find the right frames for my daily wear, distance bifocals. This computer pair should be ready in a few days.
Thank you to Jen for her suggestion on another web site for glasses.

We were driving behind a car that ran into the back of a construction vehicle on the bridge we were crossing. I missed seeing the crash because I was looking out the window at the river below, Mountain Man was driving. No one hurt, but his car is totaled. I did get to call 911 on the cell phone for the guy. Nice to know that I can do that with my cell phone while not being able to see the numbers.

While home, I’ve been playing Zelda Twilight Princess on my Gamecube. I’d forgotten how big and how much fun the Zelda games are. Even having the walkthrough book for reminders of what is coming next and running straight thru the game, it is going to take days to get to the end with so much to do there.

I’m also cleaning the house and eating too much out of creative frustration. We thought we would go for a drive yesterday afternoon, to get me out of the house, or I should say refrigerator, but the alternator on the car died. Mountain Man has the car apart in the yard after having a neighbor drive him to get a new part last evening.

Helena Handbag: Regarding your prize. The package came back to me all ripped and chewed up. The black lace handkerchief was fine though. I put it in a new box along with a little something extra because you’ve been so good about the wait. I’ll have it in the mail again as soon as the car is running.

(If you are eating you can skip this next part.)
Today I’m going to clean out the refrigerator, right down to the gunk on the bottom, under the drawer. That should turn off the munchies for a while.

My fingers are itching for some knitting, bobbin lace, tatting, doll house things… Any crafting at all. And I think I’ll invest in a new voice activated writing program for the computer so I can dictate stories to it if this ever happens again. Just think of the knitting I could do while I’m writing stories that way. I’d only have to stop knitting to make corrections in the end.

Boy, I wish I had some simple knitting on my needles that I could work while I’m not looking. Maybe I’ll start a new scarf if I could just decide on what I yarn I would use.

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