Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Looking At You:

I got the computer glasses yesterday morning. Nothing grand, just serviceable ‘maroon’ (not my favorite color) frames.

I read blogs and knitted. Hi Guys, I missed you all even thou I did manage to read a few things each day.

I read all the blogs I’d been missing these last few days. You guys have been busy. And I knitted on the test sweater again. Sorry, I didn’t comment much, I had knitting in my hands again.

The pullover sweater is now back to the taking shape stage. I’m on row 35 already.

I read more of, each of the books, I’m currently in the middle of. And I knitted on the socks in my ‘take along project’ bag even though I only went to pick up my glasses and spent not one minute in a waiting room chair at the eye doctors office.

I finished a bit of lace for the wedding that had been nearly done when my glasses fell apart in my hand. I did Sudoku puzzles. I played video games on the computer again. I… I… I……..

I gave myself eye strain.

I went to bed early with a cool wash cloth on my eyes.

Feeling great today. I’ll be slowing down on the eye strain stuff, but not the knitting. Today I’ll sit and knit until my hands can knit no more. Well, maybe I'll step outside for a minute or two. The sun is out again after days of rain and I haven't seem how the garden is doing for days.

I’m glad to have you guys back. Like I said, I missed you. Thank you for being patient with me while I melted down about a little temporary thing.


rabbitIng said...

so glad you're fully functional again, I should hate to be unable to do stuff. I remember many moons ago when I was about 13 I had to have a week off reading and all close work and therefore off school, to let some stuff expand my pupils (they can do that in minutes now, but not in those days). I thought I should die of boredom - and in fact did a bit of sneaky reading behind the sofa from time to time - managed to finish 'The Cloister and the Hearth' before my parents found out and put a stop to it by giving me lots of household chores. great- not ;( so I have every sympathy. good to have you back!

Mouse said...

I love the movie of "Stardust" and Neil Gaiman is fantastic.. the book is on my list of things to read. Right now I'm eyeing "Neverwhere" or the short story books.c

Judith said...

I see "Stardust" among those books! I liked it, but not as much as I liked the film based on it, which I think fixed some of the boring-ness of the story-telling.

The top you're re-knitting looks marvelous! I've nearly got the sleeves finished for mine. And I've discovered that the back/reverse side of K 2 tbl is P 2 tbl. *sigh* life goes on.

I'm buried by housework. DH hurt his back.