Monday, June 1, 2009

On A Hit in the Head to Fly Straight:

I spent the weekend in bed with a migraine headache. It came with a sudden allergy attack from watching calories on the box instead of ingredients. My face was swollen and I couldn’t open my eyes. What’s with the eyes again? That is when it hit me…

My glasses didn’t fall apart in my hands while cleaning them because of some random time to get new ones thing. I couldn’t see because the powers that be wanted me to stop looking outward so much and to take the time to look inward again.

I’d been spending too much time on outside pursuits.

I changed my morning yoga to a more active exercise program to try to boost my weight loss, since I got back from Boston. (Not working by the way.) I’d stolen away some prayer time to make lace for the wedding, but I really didn’t need to do that, because I could have used video game time instead.

I was out of balance. I’ve been rushing around like a chicken without a head, trying to get things done, only to find my own self in the way. I’ve become my own worst enemy.

Until, that is, I gave myself a cosmic hit in the head. A migraine headache/ allergy attack. Nothing like total incapacitating pain to make you think hard and long.

I’m back to a more balanced way of living. And this time, in cooperation with the other powers in the universe.

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Judith said...

I had a migraine yesterday! Is this an allergy conspiracy? It has finally left me. Mine was due to dust and tree pollen. Glad you hear you're getting better.

The Sweet Honey top is finished. I'm going to add the latest photo and then publish the pattern. So far you found only the one flaw, right?

Big allergy-free hugs to you!