Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On ‘What Direction Next’ or ‘Hey I Was Using That‘:

I was taking these pictures of the eveing sky. Beautiful, but harmful in its way.





I was surrounded by stormy weather.

I came in and pulled them up on the computer to find that I could not use them as I usually did.

I did not give into the pressure to buy all the bells and whistles programs and extras when I bought this computer. It had free tryouts added to it in great numbers which for the most part I didn’t use. I stuck to Microsoft Word and the Windows functions, keeping to the lower grade features and making do. Everything seemed to be working out just fine.

I like what Microsoft Office had to offer, but didn’t have the funds at the time to up grade. I also didn’t feel the need to spend all that extra money for a few add-ons and functions I wasn’t used to using. I was happy…

I went to work on resizing my pictures for my blog only to find that I could not use the picture function in any way but to look at them on the computer screen. The automatic download I had gotten days before had changed my Windows picture files to be attached to One Note, a portion of Microsoft Office, that I can not use with out paying them for the up grade. All the printing functions are now ‘not’ available to me as they had been before.

I had to switch over to the cannon picture function that came with my camera, and I’m not as used to using, now I have to spend hours if not days recalculating how to make my pictures print out into stereograph picture all over again. I can no longer get three to a sheet, wasting card paper three to one to print them in the right size to work in the viewer.

What else will they take from me next. I paid for a working system and now I get take backs in the guise of helpful up grades to my system. They moved a free function to a pay for system and locked me and others out without batting an eye or warning so I could bypass it.

Yes, I feel surrounded by stormy weather. But not all of it is from the skies.



MicroSoft is eeeville. They are bastards. Vilest of the vile. Evil Empire. I hate them.

My iMac wasn't cheap, but it came with so much software, that I am still discovering features. Like iMovie.

Hope you get some satisfaction.

Mouse said...

Just so you know.. you can use the free online utility called PicNik to do all sorts of "Photoshop" type editing of photos. I love it.. it does some pretty sepia and old fashioned photo settings.