Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On Don’t Open that Door:

There are many rooms in my house/mind. I have a mansion of stuff and issues in my head. Like most people I have rooms open to the public and other more privet family spaces. Then there are the ones that even I don’t want to look in to. Not nice things are in there.

There are times that I’m not as happy with myself as I used to be. One of them is in the weight loss department. (Fourth floor down in the sub basement next to the torture chamber… Uh gym.) Did you hear the hinges of that door creak and squeal as I opened it just a crack.

Although I like to do things like walking and gardening. I like that last part in Yoga where you lay down on the mat and just rest the best.

I hate to exercise. Come anywhere near me when I am doing said exercise and the demon in me may just snap your head off. (Tell tale blood dripping from the corners of my mouth.)

Mountain Man is a nice guy. I need to whisper here… ‘He is a super man, a machine.’ (Can’t say those things too loud or they get a swelled head.) No, but he is. The man is in his mid sixties and can do things most high school boys tire out at and give up. And he has never, ever had a weight problem.

He eats a reasonable diet, by this I mean he never goes without dessert. He works hard in the sun, rain, snow… all day getting wood, working the garden, building stone walls, mowing the grass (No, he doesn’t have a ride on mower for the acres he mows, or a pull along either. The man splits the wood himself too.) And he exercises for fun. To me he is a crazy man in this.

I have always strived for a Jetson’s kind of life. My favorite cartoon of theirs was the one where Jane Jetson needs to get a robot maid because her one finger gives out from pushing the few buttons to get the house to clean itself. Food prepares itself. The cars drive themselves. The walkways are motorized. Even the clothing closet dresses them. Ahhh Heaven!

We broke down and got me a Wii Game system. And darn it, I’m having fun exercising. I haven’t thrown one brick at the TV. (We own one of those old foam bricks for TV commentary from back in the seventies.) Only thought of doing it in passing during the squats on day two.

My muscles hurt a little and my energy levels are rising. I just keep on going back for more with a smile on my face. Now, where did I put that oil for the door hinges?

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