Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Spring Flowers Around Here:

I went for a walk yesterday. I helped Mountain Man get rocks and stones for the next phase of the wall around the vegetable garden. And took pictures of flowers.

Pictures of flowers around my house. These first two are wild flowers.

The daisy popped up in the yard and the pinks are crowded together by the labyrinth.

The next, mock orange at the corner of the house.

These last are the clematis in my outdoor, birdbath room. I have a stone wall and hedges, roofless room out in the yard. It is a little bit of wild kind of place, that has some flowers, two park type benches in it, and a bird bath with some statuary.

Older picture of the room.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Lovely, lovely. . .

My clematis hasn't bloomed yet. Another week or two, I'm thinking.

Andre said...

So nice pictures of those flowers... I love those yellow flowers!!