Friday, June 26, 2009

On A Bowl of Peas and Cartoon Dreams:

It wasn’t like I forgot to blog yesterday because I kept on thinking about it. I just didn’t get there.

We woke to find that a bear had torn apart the garbage and there was this ugly mess in the yard to clean up before the garbage truck came around. No pictures because I had to get to the doctors office early in the day, regular cancer re-check stuff, then errands because we were out already. Farrah Fawcett’s cancer death. Garden work, house cleaning and dog care. Michael Jackson’s death. Day gone and falling into bed, later then usual.

We’ve been replanting what there is still time to grow in our shortened growing season up here on the mountain. The stuff that survived the drowning in the rain has been growing so fast you can almost hear it grow as it stretches toward the sun.

We got one bowl of peas, that we had with lunch, from the plants that didn’t rot in the ground. I was disappointed that we didn’t get enough to freeze this year like the many pound we’ve gotten in other years. But I have to say I was surprised at how much we did get off of the few plants that survived.

Lately I keep on having dreams about a Cartoon Island that I can’t find in my video game. I think I dreamed it up although the island is always the same and matches my game in look and game play. No, I don’t think I’m playing video games too much because I haven’t had time to play much at all. I go days without playing. And I still maintain that my video game playing is for memory exercises because it does help with that. Not to mention that I use a timer so I don’t play for longer then the limited time I allow for it.

I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, dreaming in cartoon, but it is a bit strange for me. I don’t know if I’m a cartoon in the dream because I am seeing through my own eyes at the world on the screen like I do when playing the game and the cartoon people are not doing anything different than in the game. The last few times I played the game I’ve looked for that Island that I remembered so vividly. It was nowhere to be found. But last night I was there again and it was just like I left it.

The feeling that It must be ‘real’ is the hardest thing about it. It makes me wonder how much of what I think are ‘my real memories’ are really real or just realistic dreams I once had.

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BlackCrow said...

Cartoon nightmares for me!!
When you work in the animation industry you get cartoon nightmares!
Walk cycles after endless walk cycles!
But since I've been working from home on my art no more hand and shoulder pains! I use a wacom tablet at home and this helps. I don't know how people can still use a mouse all day!