Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On The Bats are Back:

I spent some time this morning just watching the bats.

I wake up early. In the pre dawn light I watch the bats. I hear birds twitter and warble in the woods as the birds wake and start their day. But the, silent to my ears, bats swoop and spin in the air as they gobble down bugs in the barely lit air, that is still heavy with fog and dew.

I have no pictures. The bats are too fast for my camera to catch and the foggy air too thick. But I can see the bats flash passed my window in their morning dance.

The bugs are getting plentiful as the spring marches closer to the summer months. The bats are back and eating their fill.

I watch them in the evening also, as the day comes to an end. But thou the day is quieter then it is not as quiet as the very early morning hours. Bats belong in the quiet of the night in my way of thinking.

On moon lit nights I can watch them for hours as they fly and swoop and zing past. Still, nothing beats the frantic activity of the early pre dawn eating of the bats in my yard.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I love bats too. Sometimes I watch them at night. They seem to enjoy my field. I appreciate them eating all those pesky insects.

Mouse said...

We heard bats when we were camping this past weekend. Hubby built a bat box for the property but hasn't bothered to hang it up yet.. we love bats around here too! Hubby is a caver, so we've got quite a collection of batty things - I am always collecting bat things at halloween.