Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Frick and Frack:

I was going to write about the Summer Solstice and or Father’s Day today but Frick and Frack showed up.

Frick and Frack were a comedy ice skating team back in the 1930-50’s. Their name became a catch word for two people working together in a seamless way, while being funny and/or unexpected.

Mountain Man broke his glasses this morning. It needed a smaller hand to fix, Mountain Man has large hands, thank you very much. And my one hand is not able to work at the moment without back pain.

We had two pieces that needed to be put back together.

So we did the team thing and tried to work together. At first it was frustrating. Missing the others part as both hands moved to make the connection at the same time and things like that.

Then so funny we couldn’t breath. Glue stuck fingers, you get the picture.

But in the end we got the job done. Steady on, movement in unison. Like a dance done by two yet one.

The arm part is glued back on and the glasses are on his face. But we are different now, closer in a way.

We joined in a moment of oneness on another level. It was just a small thing really, but it made such a large impact on us. For a moment we were one body doing a job. We are not the same now that we have had that moment and I wanted more.

But to know someone so well as to be one all the time? Maybe I don’t want to open that particular can of beans just yet. I like myself and my husband too much to want to put that kind of stress on the marriage.

I think I like to have some mystery. I’ll settle for the odd moment of oneness. A jewel in Frick and Frack.

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Mouse said...

Sounds a lot like my husband and I - we work well together when something requires it.. but it often ends up silly. We enjoy being in the same house and conversing back and forth but we don't actually spend much time "together" - I think the phrase you used was "not in each others pockets" which I thought was an accurate description.
We both have our separate spaces and meet in the middle.. and regardless of how some folks think married people "should be" - we're just fine with the way we are.