Monday, June 8, 2009

On Discovering the Islands:

No, I didn’t go on vacation, or even leave the house. Well, I did leave the house to go shopping and I got me ‘My Sims - Kingdom’ for my Wii gaming system.

It is not an active game. That is, it is not a game you have to get out of your chair to play like my ‘Wii Sports (That comes with the system), Wii Active - Personal Trainer,’ ‘AMF Bowling’ and ‘My Fitness Coach’ that I have for my Wii. (Thank you GameStop for your less expensive used games.)

Anyway, ‘My Sims - Kingdom’ is a group of Islands, each having a theme, from Mad Rocket Scientist to Fairies or Cowboy island. The king sets the wizard to determine that you are the one to help the people that live in the kingdom, (the tutorial). You are given a magic wand and you (boy or girl, you decide the sex and look) have to use this wand to fix, repair, and help all the people in the kingdom on the fifteen islands.

I haven’t unlocked all the islands yet with my humanitarian deeds, but I did get to the Goth Island and I don’t want to leave.

My little avitar Euphoria has a spider tattoo on her face. She fixes machines, does plumbing and electrical, and builds things (houses, gardens, bridges…) for the people. She herds things (bunnies to cows), collects things, goes mining (hillside), prospecting (metal detector), gardening (pulls weeds and cares for fruit trees). She goes fishing and plays with her new friends as she gains skills, pieces to the puzzles, games and problems, and gains points with the king.

I’ll be spending my extra time on the Kingdom Islands all this summer. Yes, the game will take that long and is so involved as it progresses. And I’ve also discovered, through the web, that it won’t be over even after the end credits play. When the games quests have all been played out. If I let the end credits play to the last, the game continues…

Tomorrow I show you how far Mountain Man has gotten on building his wall. It’s been too cool to do much gardening. Nothing is growing and the slugs are just eating what has been planted.

As for me, as soon as I’ve finished my morning Wii exercises I’m going to the Kingdom Islands.

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