Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Like Papers in the Wind:

Anyone who has been reading for a while knows about my faulty memory since the chemo. This at times can be a laughing matter but most of the time it is very frustrating.

Yes, it is laughable to find that when I go to do the laundry it is already done. Magic even. But the other shoe of this pair is finding the clothes line full of very wet clothing because I didn’t remember that I hung the cloths and it rained unexpectedly early that day.

I live my life off of 3 X 5 note cards. There are card for daily jobs, weekly, and so on. This saves on paper and time so I don’t have to list the same chores every day. I just pull out my job cards and when they are all neatly back in the box in their order and spaces, said chores are done until next time.

I have cards so I don’t grossly over eat, forgetting I just had a snack or a meal. Cards to remind me to exercise. Cards to remind me to set the timer so I don’t spend all day playing video games or writing stories.

I also have cards for important things. Doctor appointments on the refrigerator and a daily card to look at the cards on the frig. To do lists posted so I know what projects are in play and when they need to be done by, like the lace projects for the wedding and so fourth.

I was cleaning up my desk and found some errant cards that had slipped under the computer tower. Reading them I realized that I had not sent the pictures to Judith like I promised, or changed the Epitaph in weeks, nor have I but up a new story on Thrill or Shiver for a while.

Not crass carelessness, just a glitch in the system. If it is not on a card, or the card gets lost or misplaced, I don’t have a way of remembering my commitments at times. Sad but true. And if you have never had a memory problem you just don’t understand what I go through. I know I didn’t understand before the brain damage.

I work hard trying to keep all my balls in the air and my cards on the table at the same time. But sometimes they get away from me and I’m sorry about that. I’ll get right on these cards for today as soon as I remember where I put that box of job cards. Hee hee!


Mouse said...

I think its wonderful that you have a system that works for you. I write things on a board on the fridge every day that I need to do - I sort of live in a fog from day to day, so I need the reminder or I will go off and forget it.

Judith said...

You're done with that top already? Pictures already? I'm blown away!

Don't worry about not sending pix yet. I'm in the midst of all kinds of ... stuff.

Actually, I like your note card system. It sounds like it works. I had to make out a chart to map out what I'm doing for the next 8 - 10 weekends. It's a list of things I very much want to accomplish (including getting the laundry done and the cat litter changed). The big things on the list have to do with emptying out a bedroom (now functioning as a junk room), stripping the wallpaper, repainting, and turning it back into a bedroom. Good luck to me!