Monday, June 15, 2009

On Old and New Subjects:

I feel like a broken record. Migraine headache, migraine headache, migraine headache.

The busier I go, the behinder I get from these headaches. I can’t control the weather and the weather people don’t see a change to it, so I suffer. (Rain, rain go away.) We did find mold growing behind some furniture in the house and that was cleaned up. So I’m hoping to have the situation in hand at least. (Not the killer mold, so don‘t worry.)

On to other things:
Since the migraine lifted yesterday, I was going through my magazines that got here while I was down and out. I get Faerie Magazine and Gothic Beauty. Both of them have articles on different Neil Gaiman (Coraline author) books.

But the thing that caught my breath was in Gothic Beauty. It was the Coffin Quilts of Mary Kenyon. Now, I have seen mourning quilts with little headstones or coffins with family or loved ones names carefully embroidered on them. But these were different. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of doing something like this before. If you hit 'View All' under the slide show you can see each individually.

Her husband is a tattoo artist and she started out making tattoo quilts that matched some of his work for his customers. She doesn’t have anything in her Esty shop at the moment because she has so many orders to fill. Her work is beautiful and I can’t wait to make one of my own in my own style, or maybe a dozen. But all will have to wait until after the wedding.



Glad you are feeling better. Meegrains must be awful thangs.

And tell Mountain Man he's welcome for that YouTube info. I just love Johnny Horton.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Kenyon's work is exquisite. You're right, coffin quilts are a thoughtful idea.

I hope those migraines and the rain are kept at bay today. Cheers. :-)

Mouse said...

Wow.. those quilts are gorgeous! I love reading Gothic Beauty magazine but the cover price is very spendy.. so usually I wait until they offer about 5 magazines together at a discount price before I order.