Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Projects on the Side:

I have been stealing a moment or two to do other things around here besides watching Red Dwarf DVD’s while making lace, that I can’t show you because it is for the wedding, and exercising with the Wii game. You’ll have to go watch ‘Biggest Looser’ if you like to look at fat people exercise.

I made myself a plain black apron with a pocket, but with no sunshine around here, the pictures will have to wait. Black just doesn’t photo well without a lot of light.

And I took the time to fix up this.

Years ago, by this I mean more then ten or fifteen. I bought an old purse clasp, that had been in a fire, from a thrift store for about a dollar and a half. It still had soot on it. I’d take it out and scrub it down some more, I didn’t want all the patina to be removed. Then I’d try to decide what kind of bag I should make for it.

At first I wanted to make a beaded bag, but I felt it would take away from the filigree clasp. Then I wanted something with fringe. I hemmed and hawed picking it up and then putting it away for years.

Black velvet and a light gray lining, it matches my cloak now. Simple. Just big enough to hold my black fan, mourning handkerchief and a few ladies needs, like black lipstick.

I think it came out just right.


Mouse said...

Wow.. stunning! My MIL and hubby's grandmother both have fabulous fans & evening bags encased in glass on their walls. Personally, I can't understand the idea of having something like that and NOT using it.. what a waste! Some of them are fragile & delicate, yes.. but others (and the compacts & fans) were MADE to be used!


I think it came out just right, too.

Just lovely!

Judith said...

Magnificent! I'm so impressed with your skills and your sense of design!

Severina said...

Nice! I've got an antique purse frame I'd like to crochet a beaded bag for, but I haven't gotten around to buying up all the bead colors, plus I keep changing my mind about what old pattern to use. This has been going on for a couple of years now.

I should just go ahead and use black velvet instead of staring at the frame like an idiot.