Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Picking Stones:

Mountain Man has been working on a new stone wall around the vegetable garden. Our place is kind of wild because we have been getting a lot of rainy days and not a lot of mowing time.

Last year Mountain Man made this stone wall on the north side of the garden.

This years stone wall placement, rounding the corner and heading for the south wall.

This years stone wall so far.

The gap for the gate with the higher south wall showing in the background

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rabbitIng said...

Oh, I know just what you mean! I am so snowed under at present. And although I'm still managing to knit, posting about it would just take up the little time I have left to knit. Plus my camera is on the blink - no peace, no peace!! :( still your example urges me to make an effort - I will try before we leave for Ireland next week - if I get a few spare minutes ;) Still, it's lovely to read yours.