Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Lady Euphoria and Ms Hyde:

I’m feeling much better now that I’ve gotten a good nights sleep. Sleep means so much to me, and after a few nights without it, I’m not fit for human interaction.

My back is doing much better now also. I had to remember to put my arm in the sling this morning instead of the pain shouting out the directive when I tried to dress.

The only thing that could possibly bring me down is the sunshine. I know that the sun is greatly needed around here, but I was liking the cloudy days. If it wasn’t for the rain each and every day, for over a month, I would have been in heaven.

This morning the sun was shining, birds singing and the warmer weather is headed my way. We have had only a handful of days that have reached out of the sixties or light jacket weather. And we are heading right into the high eighties or for me, hot days. Too hot for black Victorian wear.

The good side of this warmer weather is, it will be the first time this year I won’t have to stop what I’m doing to tend the fire in the wood stove every twenty minutes or so. Do you have any idea how dry your hands get when you have to wash them every twenty minutes so you can go back to your lace making? And don’t start letting your fingers itch to tell me what hand creams you use. You can’t use hand cream and make lace. You have to wash it off first.

My hands have had a good recovery time with this forced, no projects, while my back heals. I feel like a hand model creaming them and polishing the nails, that haven’t had a chip in them for days. The aches and pains that plague my hands most days have subsided. But despite that I’m itching to craft.

My mental health seems to be linked into keeping my hands busy. With my hands busy I’m a happy healthy person, but take away my hands and I’m a homicidal maniac. This manifests itself in over eating and self loathing, sleepless nights and becoming a monster that can’t even blog.

I’m hitting some knitting or lace making today, pain or no pain. The addiction needs to be fed. Miss Hyde can go hide again. I like myself better with crafts in my hands.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh, I'm a bear if I don't exercise, so I hear ya. Glad you're feeling better and you're getting a bit of sunshine. ;-)

Mouse said...

I love the look of polished nails (especially some shiny dark purple or black) but I hardly ever polish mine anymore. They chip so easily and then I feel like I have to re-do them, or I start chipping all of the polish off of them and ruin my nails- stupid OCD.

BlackCrow said...

Sounds like we are living parallel lives, you and me! The rain and cold as much as I like those days I know that I do start getting down. The cats and big bunny help but arty crafty things help most of all! The other day I chopped the wood for this weeks fire, loved it, felt so cool swinging the big block buster in the air...until you hit one of those knotty logs and nothing will split it. The axe gets stuck and the log drops on your foot. Other than that I like chopping wood....not keen either on tending the wood fire I always seem to get the charcoal not just on my hands but on my face.
Oh look the sun is shining, might go for a walk to my brothers place and see what he is up too.