Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Kevin’s Mittens Update:

The mitten pattern has finally been posted.

I have unveiled a multi-sized pattern for good, plain, serviceable mittens on the Kevin’s Mittens site. I finally got enough of the input back from some of my test knitters on the pattern posted there. I, myself, have knitted at least two pair in every size in the pattern, in both wool and synthetics.

Black Crow was most helpful and she even posted an update on her blog about them. I will be sending her a gift of appreciation within a few days time.

For all who helped with the Kevin’s Mittens pattern I appreciated your efforts also. I know that the pattern looks long and complicated at first glance with all the sizes from baby to men‘s extra large, but the added information and tips were considered very helpful in the end by the people who tried it out.

I know that it is summertime here in the northern hemisphere and most people are not thinking of mittens. But when the weather gets colder again and you are looking for a smaller winter knitting project to get you started thinking about winter things again, or maybe you just want to use up some left over stash, think about making these mittens for charity or even for someone you love too.

Thank you all, Lady Euphoria Deathwatch


Rebecca Nazar said...

I must learn how to knit. :-)

BlackCrow said...

hey no need to send out gifts!!
I'm wearing the lovely necklace you sent me for the epitaph contest!
But if you insist...send me some's been raining here for two days:( Poor Big Bunny is living in our laundry until we buy him a pair of rubber gum boots he can't roam freely around our garden.
The cats have been eating like bears ready to hibernate!
I finished the thumbs and have enlisted a small child to model them. pics soon.
cheers and thank you!
Now off the computer with me and exercise...seems to be a recurring theme at the moment with quite a few of us crafty bloggers!