Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Getting Back in the Groove:

It’s been long enough. This past week has just flown by for me. What with coming home from my Boston trip and getting back into my routine.

I finally caught up with the laundry, no thanks to the weather. It rained at some point every day, so that I had to dry it all in the family room by the wood stove, one load at a time.

The Epitaph Contest is back on. I’ll pull a name from the hat on Saturday night the 16 th. So, get those epitaphs in.

Let me see… a prize to choose from.
1. I’ll finish making the black, bobbin lace edged handkerchief today.
2. A Tatted lace necklace.
3. Note cards.
I’ll post the rules and the picture of the prizes to pick from tomorrow.

I have cemetery pictures to show you.

Doors on mausoleums (above ground) and crypts (partially or totally under ground). Some are metal and others carved stone. I blurred out the names so I could show them to you, which is a shame because some of them were quite beautiful.

I know that they don’t look it, but these doors are all large enough to get a tall man through, carrying his end of a coffin, without his having to duck down.


Jen said...

That last one is sooo beautiful!

Sooticas Dream said...

I think so's amazing how much work some people put into everyday objects such as doors! (something I feel modern designers & manufacturers lack)

I really should get round to taking some photos of some of the headstones in Nottingham Cemetery....there's some beautiful ones there that I think you'd like!