Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Blind Below the Belt:

I’ll start with the facts. I have a small head. This is not a problem except when I want to look like the grown up I am, and I’m choosing hats or glasses.

I like to wear Victorian clothing and to me they look silly with modern plastic framed glasses on my face. I like the round wire frame look from days gone by. At one point I even wore some very old frames while reenacting, but they didn’t stand up well to an active lifestyle.

I wear bifocals. I have astigmatism and I’m near sited. So going without lenses is not possible. My lenses change mostly on the lower near sited part every time I go to the eye doctor. I usually just have them put new lenses in my old almost Harry Potter looking child size frames.

The winds came through yesterday and brought time with it. Together they took my glasses frames with them. (They came apart at the nose.) I am sitting back as far as the cord on my computer keyboard will allow, with the screen on large print and my four year old glasses on my face. I am half blind. I can see through the top at a slightly blurry distance but not through the bottoms for close things like reading, doing crafts, taking pictures or writing stories.

(I am stuck playing video games on the larger TV screen at a distance to keep from boring myself to death from lack of crafting. It’s raining outside so I can‘t even garden.)

Have you ever really looked at the selection of glasses frames in the children’s sizes?

One: The selection is small.
Two: Of this small selection only the larger of them fit my head. (I need 115mm width, with a 15mm nose gap, and 130 - 135mm arms. 35 to 40 mm roundish lens opening.)
And three: Stylish they are not. No, I’d have to say that they are more colorful then stylish.

You would think that with the popularity of Harry Potter that there would be at least one style in that vain left on the shelf for me to choose from.

I am on a hunt for new glasses frames and I can’t see very well what I’m looking at on the computer screen. So if you know of a website that has glasses frames with round, wire, child size frames ‘that are not toys’ could you please send me a link? If you have done business with Eyeglass Warehouse (Vintage) or Zenni Optical (Modern) and their products I’d like to know that also?

Thank you kindly for the help.

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