Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Silly Holiday the Thirteenth, May, 09:

Backward Eating Day.

Children all over delight in the Backward Eating Holiday. Started by a child asking the age old question of, “Why don’t we ever start a meal with desert?”

One mother didn’t have an answer so that was how Backward Eating Day was born.

Meals like spaghetti were served in sundae dishes with tomato sauce and meat balls on top, Pizza’s of cookie dough topped with fruit and whipped cream, and salad’s made in banana split fashion with tuna or chicken salad on a bed of lettuce replacing the ice cream and carrots substituted for bananas started showing up in dinning rooms and kitchens all over the world.

Pita bread made to look like over large sandwich cookies with peanut butter and jelly filling for lunch. (Some mother’s even went so far as to use a cookie cutter to make her sandwiches look more cookie like.) Meals finished off by brownies made to look like meat loaf with ice cream like mashed potatoes and chocolate sauce for gravy and cubed peaches instead of carrots.

Mother’s got very inventive, and dessert made from main course ingredients started each of these meals, followed by the main course made from the ingredients usually found in desserts.

The children, thou not exactly getting what they had expected, ate their meals with gusto, because as every child knows, it is fun to mix things up every once in a while.

So, start with dessert today, but leave room for the main course.


Mouse said...

Hubby's birthday is today, so I'll have to make him a brownie meatloaf for dinner. lol.

Judith said... mean to say that people don't eat this way normally?