Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Spring has Sprung:

So, the week I was in Boston the weather was fairly nice. A few hot days, a few cool days, and any rain was just light intermittent showers. Over all, good weather to do most anything in. It rained at home a few times while I was away, but I missed it.

On Sunday, when I was coming home, it rained. It’s been raining since and today will be the only day of full sunshine for the week. This rainy week is great for the plants but I’ve been wanting to check out the labyrinth (Mountain Man was working on it while I was gone, here and there when he could find the time.) and I wanted to get some pictures of spring emerging.

When I left the buds were barely showing their heads and not only have they come and gone but the new leaves are out in full. The grass in the yard is knee high in patches and the work in the labyrinth is getting harder because of all the growth in there is trying to be wild and take over again. The apple tree is in full flower. Green is everywhere and I missed it sprout.

Today I’ll be outside working and trying to catch a few pictures as I make my way through what feels like a jungle compared to the state of things when I left. (Pictures to come on that front.)

Life is always in transition in the country and I have to try to catch up to it today… now that I’m home again.

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