Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Winds from the East:

What a difference. The wind is coming from the east today.

Yesterday was a glorious day, start to finish. Not too hot or cold, breeze enough to be comfortable but not chilly, not a cloud in the sky.

We had been having afternoon showers for days. Cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoon. The air would be so still at times that it took on an ominous quality then next thing you knew it was blowing your hair back and tossing things at you with thundershowers. Changeable. Un-predicable. A little wild and unruly.

Today the wind has changed direction. It doesn’t often come in from the east. It is cold and blustery outside today. I had to put a fire in the woodstove this morning. My fingers were cold and didn’t want to type.

I don’t know what it is, but when the wind is from the east, I feel different. An exciting kind of energy is in the air. I want to break out of old habits and my well worn, comfortable, rut.

I used to be a mover and shaker, setting trends, on the cusp of new things. But something changed ten, maybe twenty years ago. It didn’t matter so much anymore. I found a comfortable place to be in my own self, I became more centered. The wild child in my core didn’t feel the need to break out as much anymore. An inner calm replaced the turmoil that drove me to do things that at times were not in my best interest.

This did not happen all at once. No switch was flipped. No mind altering was applied. I just found a good place to be and settled down in my comfortable rut of a life.

But when the wind blows from the east I feel like letting my hair down again. No, not to looking for trouble. I do want to mix things up a bit. Rearrange the furniture. Paint the walls.

I usually direct this feeling into my crafting. Attempt new things.

Who knows what I’ll be up to today. I may even decide I like house work and clean like a banshee, although that is highly unlikely. But whatever I get into today it will be an adventure. The wind is from the east today.



Yesterday was hot and muggy.

Today, I awoke to the wind from the east. It carried love from Pennsylvania to me.

I feel energized.

BlackCrow said...

I know that wind!
Have you read Joanna Harris's book Chocolat, I love the description she gives to that wind...puts me in that same mood...oh poo I just realized I lent it to a friend a while back, other wise I would have written it down!
Ahhh domestic duties, the house needs a bit of a clean,,,bf is away for 2 days so this can wait till midnight:)