Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Missed Calculations:

I know what I have to do but I’m not happy about it. I was knitting away at that test sweater for Judith of Coffee and Tea Gals and I got up to the arm holes. I put it aside for a few days. Something else in life came up and I knew I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved.

I pulled it out last night to take pictures and start humming away at it again only to find out I read the pattern wrong and I made a few missed calculations.

I have to start over.

I could blame it on my messed up math skills from my chemo brain, but I won’t. It was me in a rush because I was having fun. I know that I have to read patterns over three to five times since the cancer to get the order of the things in a pattern straight in my head. I know I have to check and re check my math, think it through and do the math again one last time before I highlight the numbers that are mine in the pattern, and doing that, have a trouble free knitting experience.

The pattern is a good one, most anyone can see that. I trust the maker, I’ve made her stuff before.

I jumped the gun (and the part of the pattern I needed to succeed), penalty on my side, I have to start over.

I took the time to read and re read the pattern and I understand it so much better now. It is not complicated to do things in a step by step fashion. It was my choice to flit and fly.

I throw in the dice and move my playing piece to the starting square on the board again. ‘Return to go’ ‘Skip a turn’ ‘Do it over’ it’s all the same.

I have to take this sweater all out and start again.


rabbitIng said...

Oh how I sympathise, I know that feeling so well. I have just had to rip back 8 rows of lace knitting, just as I thought everything was going so well. I shall think of you doing the same as me, ie, putting right your wrongs! ;) best knitwishes

BlackCrow said...

Oh poo! My maths skills have never been great and reading patterns sometimes I have to re-read them 10 times over or ask for help on a knitting forum to get someone to explain things to me. I even screwed up a little with your mitten pattern because I didn't read ahead!!
so have you frogged it back yet??