Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Greens for Dinner:

I am quickly running out of space. The plants waiting to go out in the garden are taking over. They can’t get into my garden yet because just a few days ago we had a fairly heavy frost. We wait until the start of June.

Dinner lurks around the edge of a later harvest, and breakfast is more often eaten over the sink or at the desk. Lunch we have the table back if the day isn’t too rainy.

I’m not complaining here. I like all the green things growing. I was just wondering how much bigger they would get before they make it outside for good.

For now we move them in and out of the door each day and watch them grow.

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Anonymous said...

What we've done before is plant them and then make kinda greenhouses for them out of plastic gallon jugs. Put them on at night and take them of on the warm days until we're clear of frost, or they are hardy enough to survive. Your plants are so pretty!:)