Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Wisteria in Bloom:

The wisteria is blooming. I’ve taken to sitting under it in a white wicker chair, making lace and floating away on the scent.

Wisteria is one of my favorite flowers. It lasts for only a short time each year usually in May. So I drink in as much as I can, while I can.

I’ve been distracted lately. A lot on my mind. I don’t do drugs in the recreational sense. I don’t drink or smoke. I try to get my highs from life. And one of those highs for me is when my wisteria blooms.

Wisteria… My grandmother had it growing on the shed in her back yard. I’d play under it and pretend that the shed was my house. There was no playing in the shed itself. It was packed to the rafters with Christmas yard decorations and garden tools. But it was cute on the outside and I couldn’t get enough of playing just outside of its door when the wisteria was in bloom.

I planted it at the corners of the house when we were first married. On the east side it hangs over an arbor that has the path to the door running through it. On the west end is grows on a little enclosed area with lattice on a half roofed, half arbor frame. The wisteria grows so heavy it needs help keeping the blooms off the ground. (In the picture, you can see the wooden poles helping to hold it up and my chair through the lattice if you look close enough.)

In a few short weeks, when each and every bloom has been spent, I’ll be cutting it back it a reasonable size. But for now I sit here under the wisteria on my little porch outside my bedroom door. I’ll be making lace and dreaming my castles in the air.


Sooticas Dream said...

That is SO pretty!

I do miss having a garden..... :(

rabbitIng said...

How wonderful. We are in the process of trying to find a house with a garden. Wisteria is top of my list to plant, together with several clematis and rambling roses.

enjoy your wisteria - you need it! :)

Mouse said...

I LOVE wisteria.. I've never actually seen it until I came down to Georgia though, and then I was entranced by its scent and beautiful color! Did you know that some species of it is highly toxic? Beautiful & deadly !

BlackCrow said...

Lovely....wisteria is high on my list of plants for my dream garden. I love them even with no leaves or flowers. Tasmania has a native wisteria that is an evergreen. It comes in pink, purple and white flowers. the flowers are much smaller and there is no fragrance.
Looks very green in your yard.
I've just spied your wood stash, blimey, how much wood would you go through in winter??