Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Springing Day:

Sorry I'm late today. I was waiting for the sun to come around the tree so I could take this picture.

The trees are now mostly bloomed out. My allergy meds have been reduced and I have a more energy. I want to run and play in the shade of the newly formed leaves.

The laundry can now be dried outside on the clothes line. It smells sunshine fresh without having to use chemical fabric softeners. (Which I don’t do, ever, by the way.) I tuck bits of last years, dried lavender in between the linens on the shelf. Very old fashioned I know, but it works.

Like a child, I feel like I can’t stand still. Bug and birds flit and roam, going about their business. Plants explode in growth, blooms and color. I want to hugs it all to me. I avoid the lilacs that I once loved. They make my face itch and nose run, but the spirea, or ‘button bushes’ as I called them from childhood, are hanging heavy with white buttons lined up in a row on every branch ready for me to hug close.

I want to play house in the garden with teacups and saucers. I dust off my fairy wings and put them on. I banish winter with my magic green fairy wand, a crown of silk flowers and leaves and streamers, giving me such power, on my head.

If I lived by the sea I would dance with the waves, but I don’t so I dance with the breeze in the air.

I love the starkness of Winter. The grays and nakedness of the Winter world. But now I’m ready for Spring. Beetles on plants, bees in the air, the butterflies not far behind. Spring.

I will eat out of doors and drink in the beauty of it all. The summer heat will chase me indoors again soon. But for now I’m am an outdoor girl with wings and a china tea cup, sipping herb berry tea and eating cubed melon with little bamboo cocktail forks under the wisteria vines.

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Rebecca Nazar said...

A lovely post, Euphoria. I going to write outside today. I love that the orioles and humming birds have returned. :-)