Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Tears and Cheers:

I thank you for your support, but don’t pity me. There are mothers out there who have lost their children to violence, or worst abduction… never to be seen again.

I handle my grief in my own way and have the luxury of time to not have to impose my moods on others around me. It was cold here in the northeast I went to the cemetery and although I wanted to walk in the woods, I lost myself in video game landscapes. I peeked in on others blogs for a short time, but wasn’t feeling sociable enough to make comments.

The day was not all woe and dower thoughts. My niece had a baby boy. The family will have birthday celebrations again to go to on this date. Babies make me smile. Life moves on and balances out. The tears have stopped until another day.

This morning I woke to frost on the grass and flowers. My wisteria blooms, fleeting as it is around here, will likely fall to the ground by this afternoon. But I took the time to smell them and enjoy their flowing show. I had a warm day to sit with them and drink in their beauty. It will be enough until next year.

The volume of the rhythm of the living is louder today. My grief is swallowed up again, I move on and enjoy life, cheer it, live it and hold my tears at bay.

Life is tears and cheers. Some days have more of one then the other, but the life of one is lucky, that finds a good balance to most of their days.

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