Saturday, November 1, 2008

On Goofy Mistakes in Knitting Patterns:

Okay, so I haven’t been too good at choosing patterns lately. Not that I didn’t have fun fixing the mistakes myself but I should have told you about them so I didn’t entangle others in misinformation. I’ve added a link from my other posts to here so anyone finding them at a later date can fix things too. If you’ve found this and want to know what I’m referring to they are my blog posts of the last few days.

The Jesters Hat was missing information. There are knit rows between the increase rows. You need to turn the work to the wrong side to bind off. After you bind off the first point, purl up to the next point before binding off the next section, repeat. And gather the extra stitches in the center hole if you had an odd number of increase rounds, then tie off.

The socks let you choose your own lace pattern (Or you can do them up plain) and it doesn’t say that it is an eighteen stitch pattern, a double nine repeat or a triple six repeat. Still you have eighteen stitches of each round at the top of the foot to fill. Not to mention the entire ankle to finish. I whipped out my ‘Knitting Dictionary, 800 Stitches and Patterns’ an English translation of a French book that came out in the US in 1963 and I’ve had it for that long.

This is not the pattern Cookie A. used. Hers was a mirrored feather type of eighteen stitches over six rows I believe. I chose a double nine pattern repeat that is a four row repeat.

Round 1 - (P 1, sl 1, K 1, psso*, yo, K 3, yo K 2 tog, P 1) repeat.
Round 2 - (P 1, K 7, P1) repeat.
Round 3 - (P 1, K 2, yo, K 3 tog, yo, K 2, P 1) repeat.
Round 4 - (P 1, K 7, P 1) repeat.
*(psso - pass slip stitch over)

When changing knitting patterns from straight Rows to Rounds or the reverse.
I set the pattern in ‘the round’ but if you want it for regular rows just change the even rounds from purls to knits and the knits to purls and do it in reverse order. Easy with this one(K 1, P 7, K 1) and etc. Same for regular patterns that you want to make into rounds. But remember to leave off the extra end stitches of a pattern if they have them. It gets harder for the more complicated patterns but most can be changed in this way.

Sorry for the mix up for any of you. I’ll try harder in the future to not make the same goofy mistake again. Lady Euphoria

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marisa said...

Do you have some stitch markers? If the pattern is too complicated or the numerous stitches, i suggest that you can consider to use several stitch markers to make your work easy.