Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Socks on the Road:

I was hoping to show you the toe up socks all finished but I hit a snag. My plan was to knit the trip to my mother’s house and back. Five hours of knitting, whoo, whoo! But sadly I got car sick for the first time in years. So I had to keep my eyes on the road. This slowed the progress a lot.

We had a good visit and Mom is doing good. I worry about her living alone with her two cats. The cats were camera and people shy and Mom doesn’t want her picture on my blog. All I can say is the older we get the more we look alike. When we were younger we looked like our fathers side of the family and nothing like each other, but now we look much more like our mothers and like each other.

I love knitting these toe up socks. I’m a convert and may never work a pair of socks from the ankle down again. It will all depend on how easy it will be to do over the pattern. And how much I want that pattern on my socks. And the larger yarn makes the 48 stitches (Okay I used more stitches on the foot.) for each round a quicker knit up then the sock weight, average 60 stitch a round, socks.

But these are the first socks I could make fit my odd feet perfectly. I have short wide feet, you see. I have bald Hobbit feet. I wear boys five and a half extra wide shoes. All my life shoes and socks have been too long or too tight for me. I’ve tried to fit my ankle down socks but between the width and length I’ve never gotten it quite right.

I am now on the prowl for size three, sport/baby, light worsted weight wool yarn because I need to make some more of them for myself. Being who I am, I mostly use black, grays, purples and some greens for my clothing. So if you know of a place that makes these types of yarns at reasonable prices let me know please?

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