Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Epitaph Contest 11-23-08:

If you have a spam filter that doesn’t show you what is being deleted or you never look at it and you sent in a contest entry, you may not get my notice that you have won. Look in your spam for my name. I send the notice out on Sunday mornings around the same time I post my blogs.

The Epitaph Contest had it’s first winner for last weeks drawing. Sooticas was the name picked. But as there was no reply after repeated attempts to contact Sooticas. I will be placing all but one of the prizes back in the prize choices and donating one at random to a charity. If there was a problem with a spam filer and Sooticas didn’t get any of my notices, please contact me again before the end of the month.

This weeks drawing was made and the winner notified. Hopefully there will be no problems this time.

The prizes for this weeks Epitaph Contest are as follows:
Okay I woke up late and sick and didn’t have the time to set up and take pictures of the new prizes, so I’ll re-offer the ones from the last two weeks. With the understanding that one of them may be chosen already by last weeks winner. Some of them I do have multiples of already.

1-S. A wool knitted Toilet Paper Scarf, five feet or 150 centimeters long.
Mochimochiland pattern without a face, thou it can be added on request.
2-H. A Three Horned knitted Jesters Hat with bells of a Bulky Acrylic/Mohair/Nylon yarn. Gothic Knit pattern in choice of two different color combinations.
3-N. A Tatted lace, cotton choker Necklace. Lady Euphoria designed and hand made by the lady herself in choice of black or white.
4-S Six Tatted Snow Flake set. Suitable for hanging on tree, in window, or just spread on a table top, you get the idea. Lady Euphoria’s designs and made by her hands.
5-B Bookmarks. A choice of one of two sets of four. Lady Euphoria made the lace and created all but one of the sayings on these. Paired with a bit of her tatted lace these original bookmarks were fast sellers when on the market last.

Send in you Epitaphs and Good Luck! Lady Euphoria

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