Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Turkey and Socks:

Yesterday my cancer group had their Thanksgiving Diner. Everyone brought a covered dish or two. We had turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, salad and an anti pasta platter. I brought fresh baked, still hot from the oven, loaves of honey wheat and maple oat bread, both apple and pumpkin butter and butter to melt on the warm slices. There was two cheese cakes and a pumpkin roll for dessert. Three kinds of soda and coffee and tea to drink. Everyone ate too much and had a good time.

And the promised pictures of the knitting.

Mountain Man’s cowl scarf, a wool blend, in a bulky yarn. I’ll have to find the label if anyone is interested. One skein. I made mine with two skeins, so it can double as a hood type hat.

My new socks. A thick plain toe up sock, stockinet stitch with ribbed ankle and I ruffled a lace trim from the book ‘150 Knitted Trims’ by Lesley Stanfield. Number 59 on the top of the ankle. Sport weight yarn no. 3, Red Heart - Designer Sport, acrylic, color Grape because it matched perfectly the purple top I was wearing the day I bought it.

I had to change the lace pattern into the round and put it in wrong side out so when the cuff was folded down the right side was out. I also doubled the stitches of the sock rounds early on in the lace to make it ruffle. I was concerned about how it would come off in the heaver sock yarn so I picked a simple pattern and I think it worked. I have it written down if someone wants it, just ask in the comments or email me.

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