Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Alarm Clocks and Sleep:

Today I am out of sorts. I’ll take a nap later and put myself to rights but still it’s not the same.

I am a morning person and Mountain Man is a night one. This is a good thing for us and it works in many ways. I get the house to myself in the mornings to write uninterrupted for a while or craft. I can start the night in the bed all spread out and comfy. Then Mountain Man gets the same in reverse. And in the winter there is always someone to tend the fire in the wood stove so no one has to get up in the middle of the night.

Mountain Man has to get up early to go somewhere for the day and he set the alarm clock. I am not an alarm clock person. I wake up just about the same time every day no matter how late I go to bed the night before. And I have to say I just hate the rude awakening of that noise starting my day.

Well I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because every time I rolled over I had to look at the clock and check how long it would be before it went off. And I finally just got up to avoid being blasted awake.

How do the rest of the world do it? The one time I had a job that requited an alarm clock to wake me, I got so literally sick and tired I had to quit. Is it that rude way of waking that is the cause of such discontent and ill in the world? All I know is I can’t do it. I am a monster when I’m startled awake. So to avoid the whole thing I lay awake half the night and in the morning I’m out of sorts.

Mountain Man only does this a few times a year and for that I am grateful. I will go back to bed as soon as I’m done here and get some sleep. All the time wondering how other people live their lives with alarm clocks?

Don’t forget to send in those Epitaphs. I draw this weeks winner tonight. New group of prizes to choose from tomorrow for next weeks contest drawing. Knotty Mouse now has her necklace and tells me she loves it. Your turn?

PS: I posted this one on the timer so I didn't wake you early too. Ha ha

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Mouse said...

I have to get up with Munchkin every day for school but most of the time I can wake up without (before) the alarm clock. I get VERY grumpy if I am woken up by the alarm - which I was today because husband had it set. I'm hoping to get one of those nature sound alarm clocks or one of those that plugs in an mp3 player.
I do have a ZenClock (google them.. they're pretty cool) which I got second hand from my dad - amusingly enough it doesn't always go off, and sometimes it goes off about 10 minutes earlier or later. There's a lesson there.. lol.