Friday, November 28, 2008

On Getting It Straight:

My blog yesterday sounded like Mountain Man and I spent the day in different rooms for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Not the case. We ate together and played cards, Gin Rummy, and we each won an equal amount of games I’m glad to say. We also hung out together while taking turns during the day controlling the TV.

On to answering some questions I‘ve gotten about the Kevin Mittens.

1. What pattern are you using for your mittens?
After going over a lot of different patterns I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that from all the other patterns I had. I’m currently typing up the pattern with all the sizes and I’ll post it here when I’m done. So far I’ve been using #4 worsted weight yarns and size 4 US doub pt needles.

2. What are those colored marks on your knitting needles in the pictures?
Since I make some of my own knitting needles and I don’t have a branding iron to mark the size on them, I paint a band on them in different colors so I can tell the sizes apart at a glance.

3. What size mittens are you making?
I’m making all different sizes, from baby’s to men’s extra large. Although I’m making more larger sizes because too big is better than to small. I’ll make more of the smaller ones as the yarn in the stash gets lower too.

4. How are you going to keep yourself from getting bored with the mitten project?
I have what I call an honor project going at the same time. This time it’s a sweater for myself that I only get to knit one row after each mitten is finished. And since I’m giving away the mittens each week it helps keep track of my progress. By New Year’s Day I’ll have thirty-eight or more rows done.

So far for my goal of knitting one mitten a day until New Years Eve is going well. I have been knitting the mittens for four days and have six mittens or three pair done.

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BlackCrow said...

happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Mountain man!
You make your own needles, boy that's fantastic...i imagine you and mountain man whittling away on the front porch with hunting knives in your rocking chairs.:)
I'm wearing mittens to type this morning. It's still cold here and we are still using the wood fire. Summer may not make it here this year..we may even have a white Xmas!!
BF has gone to the laundromat to wash and dry our clothes as its been raining non stop and apparently will be for at least another week...yuck!
I did manage a bit of gardening in the wet and planted lettuce and radicchio. Bagged up heaps of silver beet and broad-beans to hand out to a few friends and family.
On the subject of epitaphs,
I've been thinking about an epitaph I heard the other day by Andrew Den ton, a talk show host...he wants to have on his headstone, "Are we there yet?"
An ex BF of mine wanted to have a little statue of a dog doing a poo instead of a headstone...or having the words, "Lived, Died" on his headstone.
Now to contemplate Xmas....this year I'm making toys for cats,ONLY!
I've knitted 9 so far and most of these will be on their way to Bulgaria to a friends parents who rescue lots of animals and own 8 cats.
I may knit one or two baby items but that's it!!!
Boy I could have written this all in my blog, ha, ha,ha....but its nice to visit with you here. Thanks for the cuppa!
Keep knitting those mittens, look forward to seeing the pattern!