Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On New Writing Club:

Tomorrow night the new Writing Club/Group starts in my area and I can’t wait.

The old group lost it’s meeting place and disbanded a year or so ago. This new group will be a mix of new and old people. New name, new meeting place, new blood. It should be a good meeting.

I’m hoping that after the rules are established we can get some work done too. It’s always good to get a feedback. I’m guilty of typing too fast. Then when I proof read, I knowing what I wanted it to say, and miss the mistakes. Silly things like was and saw, form and from, I’ll and I’m are in the wrong place. That or dropping the ends off my words.

I know this because I find them a month or more later when I pull them out and read them again. I find myself looking ceilingward and rolling my eyes quite often when I proof read my own story writings. But later on today I will be doing just that as I polish some stories to copy for the meeting.

In a situation like this I prefer a group that is committed and gets down to business. I’m all for socializing but before and after the meetings, please. And one of my pet peeves is being on time. I hate having to restart a number of times each meeting as the stragglers come in.

I know I’m probably just dreaming. Most creative people live more fluid lives and I’m just as susceptible to loosing track of time when I’m in the creative zone so I can’t fault them too much.

I do need to hire a proof reader and hope that someone at the meeting knows of a good one around here. I could always hire a college kid but don’t like trusting my creations to that set. I remember being in college myself and don’t want to find my works show up as someone else’s homework. Not that I ever did that but I have seen it done before.

Well tomorrow is the thirteenth and ‘Silly Day’ here on my blog. I’ll get back to you on the writing group meeting and don’t forget to send those Epitaph’s into the contest for this weeks prize. I’ll post next weeks prize grouping for the winner to choose from on Sunday.

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