Monday, November 24, 2008

On Kevin’s Mittens:

While watching the local Evening News lately I’ve noticed the lines of people waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner boxes or heating assistance and the like. These people with children in tow are dressed for the cold weather for the most part but there was a lack of gloves and mittens. Children had their hands in pockets and adults were blowing warm air from their mouths to warm their fingers.

My son used to help the homeless on a regular basis when he lived in the city. And I have been wanting to do more since he died but have been at a loss since I don’t live close nor can I drive. Then it all came together. I once made that Big Mitten for him. While I’m sitting and knitting I could help out by knitting mittens for those in need.

So from now until New Years Eve I’m going to knit a mitten a day in my sons name and send them to a church or organization that gives that kind of thing out to those in need. I’ll send them weekly so no one has to wail until I’m done with them all and I’d like others to join me and my nineteen pair.

Make a commitment with me to make (or buy if you don’t have the time or skill to make them) at least one pair of mittens and send or drop them off at an organization that can get them to the needy in your area (or send them to a colder area if you live in a warmer zone) before the end of the year. Then leave a comment or email and I’ll daily up date a count of pairs of ‘Kevin’s Mittens’ sent to charities on the side of my blog.

Any style, size, color or type of yarn will do. It’s up to you. One pair of mittens may not seem like much, but to the person that needs them it is a big help. ‘Kevin’s Mittens’ may not fix the worlds problems but it can’t hurt.

Thank you, Lady Euphoria

Congratulations Knotty Mouse! She won the prize this past week for the Epitaph of the Week Contest and she chose one of the Black Tatted Choker Necklaces. It will be sent out to her soon. Check out her blog if you haven’t yet.


Mouse said...

I'm so excited and WOW that choker is even prettier close up! Thank you again for creating this contest!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......